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Confession of the Presbyterian Church in Canada

"The Presbyterian Church in Canada used disciplinary practices which were foreign to Aboriginal peoples, and open to exploitation in physical and psychological punishment beyond any Christian maxim of care and discipline."



Apology on Residential Schools by the Catholic Church

"We are sorry and deeply regret the pain, suffering and alienation that so many experienced.  We have heard their cries of distress, feel their anguish and want to be part of the healing process."



Apology of the United Church of Canada

"You did nothing wrong. You were and are the victims of evil acts that cannot under any circumstances be justified or excused."



The Anglican Church of Canada's Apology for Residential Schools

"We failed you. We failed ourselves. We failed God."



Apology to the First Nations of Canada by The Oblate Conference of Canada

"Far from attempting to defend or rationalize these cases of abuse in any way, we wish to state publicly that we acknowledge that they were inexcusable, intolerable, and a betrayal of trust in one of its most serious forms."



Canadian Churches' Apologies for the Abuses Inflicted on Children in the Residential Schools