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Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

This book provides information on how parents can teach their children effectively without hurting them physically or emotionally.  It explains how children develop so that parents can understand how they see the world.  The book is available for free download on the website.  Programs based on this approach are offered across Canada.

Little Hearts / Gentle Parenting Resources

A guide to active, engaged parenting according to Biblical principles.  This approach takes children's development into account and considers the long-term outcomes of our actions on children.  This author has written a series of books that provide insight into children's behaviour and help parents find constructive solutions. 

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

A classic book that has helped thousands of parents to improve communication with their children.  It helps parents to understand the emotions that lie behind many challenging behaviours.  Workshops in this approach are available in many communities across Canada.

No-Drama Discipline

This book explains, in everyday language, how children's brains develop.  The authors show how parents can use this information to understand their children's behaviour and respond in ways that foster their children's learning

Parenting with Patience

A practical approach to managing stress and frustration.  This book helps parents understand why modelling patience is so important, and how we can turn frustration into constructive problem solving.  The author provides workshops throughout Canada.

Resources on Positive Discipline