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The Kyoto Declaration

At the 8th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Kyoto, Japan, representatives of many religious communities and 30 countries made a formal commitment to confront violence against children.  They called upon their governments to ensure the full legal protection of children from all forms of violence, including physical punishment. 




The World Council of Churches' Commitments to Children

This document invites member churches and partners to "address the needs of children as an integral part of the ecumenical commitment to the pilgrimage of justice and peace."  It calls for an end to violent discipline and the promotion of non-violent discipline as a strategy to end other forms of violence against children and youth.



Removing the Loophole: New Zealand's Anglican Bishops Support Repeal of Section 59

The Bishops of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia fully supported the repeal of Section 59, the corporal punishment defence, from the New Zealand Crimes Act (equivalent to Section 43 of Canada's Criminal Code).  They called for a reading of the Bible "through the lens of Christ's teaching and life" and stated that removal of the legal loophole "will reinforce the total unacceptability of violence against children."  New Zealand repealed Section 59 in 2007.



Resolutions from the 9th All Africa Conference of Churches' General Assembly

The AACC Assembly has called on all of its member churches to ensure that their country provides full legal protection to all children from physical and humiliating punishment.



Statement by Christian Leaders in Wales

The Archbishop of Wales and other Christian leaders signed this statement recognizing that the legality of physical punishment undermines the work of child protection and parent educators and calling on the United Kingdom to "honour children's human right to equal protection"



Submission by the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference to the Child Protection Forum

This document concludes that, "there is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which supports the right of parents to use corporal punishment."



Putting Children at the Center

At the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC), held in South Korea in 2013, this document was endorsed by ecumenical bodies.  It states that, "In the accomplishment of God’s mission our churches, ecumenical bodies, interfaith networks, NGOs and inter-governmental organisations have to respond to the ethical, moral and spiritual imperative to uphold children’s dignity by encouraging positive parenting where children can grow in an atmosphere of respect, love and compassion; working with others in the global movement to prohibit and eliminate corporal punishment of children . . ."  Endorsers include the Christian Conference of Asia, Latin American Council of Churches, pacific Conference of Churches, and Conference of European Churches.